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New McLaren 720S for Kids – The Doors Even Go Up!

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Do you own a McLaren 720S? Do you ever get upset that your child doesn’t get to experience what it’s like to drive such a fine supercar? Don’t worry, because McLaren has just unveiled the new 720S “Ride-On,” a new model built specifically for kids. The new 720S Ride-On follows in the footsteps of the P1 Ride-On, which debuted back in 2016.

Imagine you’re a kid, walking up to this car, getting in and feeling like an absolute legend. I mean, the doors even go “up” like the real deal 720S. The 720S Ride-On is powered by an electric motor and can be operated via the pedals or remote control. That R/C is for when your kid is getting out of hand, trying to see how bad it would hurt if they ran it into your legs. McLaren also notes that the accelerator pedal also adds engine sounds and the brake pedal has real brake lights that work in unison.

Were the doors and brake lights not enough for you? Well, how about a dashboard display screen. This screen can display key information about the car and even play movies and music via a USB or SD card. If this thing was a little bit bigger, I’d get one to cruise around downtown sidewalks…

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McLaren is pricing the 720s Ride-On at £315, which equates to roughly $400. The British automaker says it would take nearly seven hundred of these Ride-On to equal the cost of a real 720S Coupe.

Papaya Spark is the exclusive launch color for McLaren dealers. There’s also a long list of other colors, including Azores Orange, Belize Blue, Lantana Purple, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White, and Saros Grey. Need to find a McLaren retailer? Click the link below!

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