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McLaren 720S Models Unveiled in Pacific and Track Theme

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McLaren and their McLaren Special Operations (MSO) branch have unveiled two bespoke examples of the 720S supercar. The two themes unveiled are the Pacific and Track Themes, which are included in the same portfolio as the 720S Velocity Theme.

Each of the themes has their own specific colorways and trim. The Track Theme was commissioned by McLaren Manchester. They went for the Anniversary White finish, a paint that was inspired by the championship-winning F1 cars in the 1980’s. Joining the white paint is handpainted details in Carbon Black and Tarroco Orange. The Pacific Theme was picked out by McLaren Glasgow, who opted for the Cerulean Blue paint, the same paint found on the current McLaren F1 car. To deepen things up against the bright blue paint, MSO tinted the carbon fiber in Cobalt Blue.

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“The 720S is an exceptional car in every respect in standard form but there is always the potential to make it even more special with additional, individual, creative input, which is where McLaren Special Operations comes in,” commented Ansar Ali, Managing Director of McLaren Special Operations. “We were overwhelmed by the reaction to the 720S Velocity at its unveiling and to bring to life two more versions of the MSO 720S Themes portfolio further demonstrates that MSO can fulfill any request to ensure that a car perfectly meets a customer’s vision.”

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