720S McLaren

McLaren 720S Configurator is Now Live

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The McLaren 720S Spider was just announced not too long ago and the configurator for the new supercar is already live. If you work at a desk or like to spend free time on a computer, these configurators are a great way to build the car of your dreams. The best part is that if you plan on buying the car, you either send in your interest in the car or download the PDF of your spec so you can take it into a dealer. Here’s a breakdown of the McLaren 720S Spider. 

Specification: Here you can pick between a base 720s, 720S Luxury or 720S Performance.

Paint: This is where all the different paint options are. They include Standard, Special, Elite and MSO Defined paints.

Wheels & Brakes: Pick you wheel, wheel finish, brakes, brake caliper color and tire type.

Exterior: There are SO many exterior options to pick from, you just have to see it to believe it.

Interior: Just like the exterior, the interior is full of options to pick from, like the seats, interior color and even the gear shift paddles.

Entertainment: Pick your sound system and what kind of Mclaren Track Telemetry you want.

Safety & Security: Add on extra camera to the car and even pack your car with the ever-so-useful Vehicle Lift system.

Practical: Need a car cover, fire extinguisher or even MSO Defined Keys? You can select them in this section.

Summary: See the finished product and choose if you want to download a PDF, share it with friends or find out how to register your interest in a McLaren 720S Spider.