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McLaren 675LT Will Be Flagship of “Super Series”

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Aerodynamics are the most important factor when making a street car grip on a race track. Knowing this back in 1997, they added extensive bodywork to their F1 in order to dominate the GT1 class. The “Long Tail” F1 GTR was the car to beat and allowing the name to catch on.

In a press release issued this morning, McLaren teased us by officially revealing a new Long Tail. We have known about the upcoming Sports Series lineup, but this new 675LT will be the flagship of their new “Super Series,” which sits above the Sports Series and includes the 650S and 625C. In keeping with their existing nomenclature, 675 is a reference to the power output in Pferdestärke (a German horsepower measurement). The press release states the SAE rated power at an evil 666 bhp.


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While still shy of the P1’s rated power, the 675LT will have a distinct aero advantage thanks to its slippery silhouette.

McLaren will debut the 675LT at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. And, as always, be sure to stay with us for more information on the 675LT as it is released.

(Source: McLaren)

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