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McLaren 675LT Track Test by Chris Harris

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“The new McLaren 675 is to the 650S what the Speciale is to Ferrari 458,” describes Chris Harris in his latest video review. “It’s the fast one, the light one, the more trackable one.”

And trackable it seems to be, indeed. On July 21, Harris shared his experience driving the McLaren 675LT at the Silverstone track, and it could easily be called a rave review.

We first saw the 675LT take a track on July 15, in a video shared with the world by McLaren Automotive. At just three minutes long, it was enticing and tantalizing, and left us wanting to see more. Luckily for us, Harris expanded the experience to a nine minute long video, and added in an even more exciting perspective – the passenger’s seat.

Through slight tweaks and weight reductions, the 650S was cranked into the 675LT, though the difference between the two couldn’t be more impressive. Unfortunately, those who were hoping to grab a longtail for themselves are out of luck – the same day McLaren announced the production numbers for the model, July 17, they also announced that all had already been sold.

Check out Harris’ video above to see his review, and keep an eye on our exclusive McLaren listings for when a 675LT has made it stateside and is looking for a second owner.

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(Source: YouTube via Road & Track)

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