650S McLaren

McLaren 650S: Top 5 Driving Features

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When it comes to our favorite supercars, some features, though only aesthetic in nature, get us really excited. Buyers love a custom paint job or exclusive stitching. A little extra umph in the interior to distinguish one already limited edition from another adds a selling point.

But not for this guy.

Auto YouTuber, the.leviathan, is all about the driving experience. Frivolous features, to him, diminish the true meaning and intention of the supercar. For him, features need to enhance the driving experience. In the video below he’s driving a McLaren 650S and he’s chosen five specific features he thinks enhance the driving experience:

  1. Kickdown– or what the.leviathan states should be termed “Warp Drive,” which optimizes which gear the vehicle is in at any given time
  2. The Backlight– the back glass drops which channels the sound into the cabin of the vehicle
  3. Paddles– they provide a more connected driving experience between machine and man
  4. Optimal Gear– much like kickdown, this feature optimized the gears through the paddles
  5. Brake Steer– McLaren’s F1 technology which ensures there’s not over or under steering, which increased maneuverability

Check out the full video below for his first-hand look at these driving features.

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