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Beautiful: McLaren 650S Flies Through Japanese Mountainside

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In an article covering McLaren’s latest video of a 650S, the supercar tears through the Hakone Turnpike in Japan, a small slice of the Asian Island which McLaren refers to as a “little slice of Germany.” This road goes consists of twists and turns that occur at sea level and 1,000m above. McLaren goes so far as to say that this road even resembles the Nurburgring Nordschleife in some parts.


During the latest Sakura bloom, McLaren thought it fitting to take their open top 650S Spider through the turnpike and record it all on video. I’m not quite sure if they were just planning on making everyone jealous, but they succeeded. Taking such a refined supercar through the Japanese mountainside would be a dream for most. And while many will be quick to say that they’d rather drift through the corners in a Skyline, sometimes smooth and tight corners are all you need

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