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McLaren 570S Coupe Is First of the Sport Series

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McLaren has been very secretive about their first Sports Series model, but today they have finally announced the new model’s name in a press release.

Called the McLaren 570S Coupe, it will be the world’s introduction into the Sport Series family. We know that the car will be powered by a V8 engine that puts out power relative to its name. According to the press release, the name of the car, 570S, stands for 570 ps, which equates to 562 hp. This puts the 570S on the same exact power output as the Ferrari 458 Italia. Clearly McLaren went into this with the 458 in mind.

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And, as with all McLarens, the car will have a rigid and light construction thanks to the copious amounts of carbon fiber used.

The McLaren 570S Coupe will be officially unveiled at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, but expect an online reveal before the first day of the event, April 1.

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