12C Spider McLaren

McLaren 12C Spider Drifting Through Mountain Pass [Video]

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If you see a McLaren 12C Spider in real life, it will mostly be on a road or at a car show. The odds of you seeing a 12C Spider flying through a snow covered mountain pass are slim to none, unless you count a YouTube video.

To celebrate the first McLaren 12C Spider being delivered to a US customer, the English automaker made this amazing video. It features famous racecar driver Rhys Millen taking Winter X-Games medalist Chanelle Sladics to the top of a snowboard run, and then racing her to the bottom.

If you are surprised at the amount of guts this guy has, you aren’t the only one. However, the reason McLaren picked this specific driver for this stunt was because Millen is actually a Pikes Peak winner. If you haven’t seen Pikes Peak, just imagine this road without the snow and twice the amount of speed.