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McLaren 12C Has Been Officially Discontinued

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McLaren has officially discontinued production on the 12C, according to an April 4 article on Autoblog.com.

A letter was sent to owners of the McLaren 12C, stating that the company has ceased production on the car due to the success that the 650S is seeing. However, this does not spell the end for the 12C, as McLaren is offering a free Technology Upgrade program to current owners.

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This upgrade implements most of the advancements found in the 650S, including the Active Aero software, which allows the 12C’s Airbrake to deploy and improve stability when the car is going over a hill or the driver is lifting off of the throttle. This new system also adds a Drag Reduction System (DRS) mode that lowers the wing when the car is traveling at a high speed in a straight line, improving aerodynamics.

McLaren is also offering a special price on two new features found in the 650S Spider to current 12C owners: the reverse-view camera and DAB radio.

The discontinuation of the McLaren 12C comes after three years of production.

(Source: Autoblog.com)


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