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Inside McLaren’s P1 GTR Workshop

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Can you imagine being a part of the team of people whose sole responsibility is looking after the McLaren P1 GTR? Not too far from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) in Woking, England, an exclusive, hand-selected team has the opportunity to do just that. At the McLaren P1 GTR Workshop, this team of engineers and technicians are tasked with the responsibility of looking after 12 McLaren P1 GTRs. According to McLaren,

Here, hand-picked technicians and engineers ready each car for bespoke events at world-class race circuits, to which McLaren also ships over 80 tonnes of support equipment, from telemetry systems to Pirelli tyres.

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The McLaren P1 GTR Workshop is a benefit of the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme in which owners of the track-only supercar are able to immerse themselves in the McLaren world rather than just own and drive the P1 GTR. Those in the programme have direct access to McLaren’s Design Director, Frank Stephenson, who can help them with the design of their P1 GTR’s livery. They also have access to the best resources in the racing industry– everything from a personal trainer to driver coaches and mechanics. Here’s a little more on the programme from McLaren:

…each customer is fitted for a unique carbon fibre seat, and measured for a tailor-made race suit and helmet. They spend time with their personal fitness trainer too, and together with their driver coach, undergo simulator sessions at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking to ensure they get the most from their car.

McLaren’s aim with the programme is to ensure that each customer of the P1 GTR is both physically and mentally ready for the track events they participate in. As for the McLaren P1 GTR Workshop? Well, who wouldn’t want their own personal team readying their car for the track?

How would you use the McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme to help you get track ready? Let us know in the comments below.

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