Hybrid 650S Possible, No P1 Successor, 570S Just Getting Started

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The P1 seems to be a one-time-deal, the 570S can expect a breadth of variations and it’s too early to rule out the possibility of a 650S utilizing the P1’s powertrain. At least, that’s what McLaren’s Executive Director for Product Development, Mark Vinnels, told TopGear in an April 2 interview.

After the unveiling of the 570S, McLaren’s “entry-level” model priced at approximately $215,400 USD, many have begun wondering what the next step is for McLaren Automotive. After a spate of new releases over the past few years and massive advancements in technology and performance, it’s hard to imagine there’s much higher for them to reach at this moment.

“I think the P1 GTR takes it to the point where it can’t go much further,” explained Vinnels of why the P1 won’t likely see a successor. “For us, for a while, we’re not going to do anything with that. Who’s to say what will happen in ten years though?”

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The possibility of using the P1’s drivetrain in other models was discussed as well, as McLaren is always seeking to improve both efficiency and performance. But due to the weight of the hybrid powertrain, there’s a chance that, without more research, the added weight would only decrease current performance levels.

The 570S seems to be Vinnels’ choice for McLaren’s most successful model in 2015, and a slightly detuned variation, the 540C, will make its first appearance at the Shanghai Motor Show, scheduled for April 22-29.

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(Source: TopGear, McLaren Automotive)

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