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How Fast Do Supercars Shift?

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We don’t like to ruffle any feathers, but transmission opinions can be argued to death. When Ferrari first started replacing their manuals with the F1 gearbox, the idea of an automated single clutch scared the world. The dual-clutch automatic is heralded as the most advanced, but having two wet cluchtes makes them heavier than traditional automatics.

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BMW used dual-clutch transmissions on the M cars up until this model year, but they quietly went back to normal automatics. In the latest upload from Engineering Explained, the host attemps to lock down the shift times of the McLaren 720S. My own transmission is capable of 0.25 second shifts while cruising, and faster in Wide Open Throttle. Tell us your favorite gearbox in the comments below, and stay with us for all your McLaren footage. 


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