McLaren P1

First-Hand: What It’s Like to Own a McLaren P1, With Bruce Canepa

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At some point, nearly everyone has “the car conversation”. A friend or relative with a new car is more than willing to share their experience in their new vehicle. Odds are, said car is a bit more common and their response won’t include things like, “it’s got a great shriek to it” or “you touch the throttle and you have whatever you want.” However, if you’re the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins asking Bruce Canepa about his McLaren P1, these are the responses you’ll get.

In a January 7 video uploaded by the channel, Parket Nirenstein sits passengers in Canepa’s P1 as the owner takes him for a spin in the English hypercar.

Just a little over a minute into the video, Nirenstein samples a taste of the P1’s power and the harmony that its exhaust, engine and wastegate create. Canepa then tells him what it’s like to own his P1,—what he likes, what he doesn’t like and more. Check it out below and be sure to check out the P1s for sale on by clicking the button below. Who knows, maybe they’ll be asking you what it’s like to own a P1 next!

McLaren P1s For Sale

(Source: YouTube)