First Close-Up Photos of the McLaren 12C GT-SPRINT

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We’ve seen a lot of photos stirring around the internet of the upcoming McLaren 12C GT-SPRINT. Exactly as the sound of the name implies, it’s a car that’s built to race. Recent photos only showed us the vehicle on the track, likely going through a series of tests to be perfected like any other McLaren models.

Up until now, these exterior photos of the racecar either on the track or at car shows are all we had on hand when fantasizing about ourselves driving one. Through photos we’ve recently received from David Kaiser, a freelance photographer based out of Switzerland, we finally have the chance to see the entire vehicle, up close, inside and out. As expected, the entire vehicle is completely race derived. Cup holders, as well as the cargo compartments, have been removed to decrease weight, and the entire body has been made track ready.

Where the cargo compartment used to be, you now find an intercooler and shifted radiator. Notice the immense amounts of carbon fiber found inside the cockpit as well. The 12C GT-SPRINT is certainly a racecar like none other that will surely be taking titles.

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(Media Source: David Kaiser)