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Exclusive McLaren 650S Spider Al Sahara 79 Created for Dubai Motor Show

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In honor of the first day of the Dubai International Motor Show, McLaren Automotive has unveiled an MSO creation “bespoke to the Middle East”: the 650S Spider Al Sahara 79.

As a press release issued today by the British auto manufacturer describes, this model is available exclusively to customers in the Middle East, and features a design “inspired by the styles, cultures and landscapes of the region.” 24 carat gold particles add a special shine to the exterior’s pearlescent white gold paint, which is mean to mimic the shimmering gold sands of the region’s deserts.

The paint is truly where the car’s name comes from; “Al Sahara” is the Arabic phrase for “the desert,” and the atomic number of gold is 79. But it’s not just the exterior that defines the motif. The interior’s contrasting black and Almond White leathers accent the white gold paint of the steering wheel, door panels and center controls, while all switchgears and heating vents are finished in a dark gold.

Of course, the fun part comes under the hood. The 650S’ 3.0-liter twin turbo V8 pumps out 641 bhp and 500 lb-ft of torque, allowing a 0-62 mph acceleration time of 3.0 seconds flat and a top speed of 204 mph.

As the release shares, the Dubai Motor Show isn’t the only reason an exclusive Middle East creation was designed. Nearly 25 percent of all McLarens purchased in the Middle East are customized in some way, meaning the region “boasts one of the highest levels of MSO customisation [sic] globally.”

This model is priced at 1,456,308 AED, or approximately $396,500 USD. Of course, given that this car is exclusive to the Middle East, it can’t be purchased using American currency. Check out the photos for some inspiration, then find a 650S Spider for your collection from our exclusive listings.

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(via McLaren Automotive)

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