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Black & Red McLaren P1 from MSO

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Since the first introduction of its specs and performance figures in 2013, the McLaren P1 has inspired an entirely new type of supercar enthusiast.

For two years, P1s have been appearing all over the globe with unique paint colors, interior details and more, none of which could have been completed without the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division.

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“Whether it’s a custom paint colour with matching stitching for a 650S, the personalisation of your McLaren F1, a dream to build a one-of-a-kind vehicle using our unique carbon fibre chassis, or the wish to experience our most powerful model ever, the new McLaren P1™ GTR, McLaren Special Operations can accommodate every customer request,” describes their website, where the different divisions of MSO are listed.

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MSO Defined, MSO Bespoke, MSO Limited, MSO Heritage and MSO Programs all work to cater each vehicle to special specifications through different methods, so is it any wonder that their latest creation is a thing of stunning and striking beauty?

mclaren-p1-mso-060415 (4)

A post to McLaren Automotive’s Facebook page today shares a few photos of a black and red MSO P1 headed to the United Kingdom. The red is bright and vibrant against an almost entirely black body, accenting the lines and curves where you can imagine the air flows at high speeds. Even though these images are very much still, this P1 still looks as though it is very much moving.

mclaren-p1-mso-060415 (2)

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(Source: Facebook, McLaren Automotive)

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