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$7 Million McLaren P1 Photoshoot at McLaren Newport Beach

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In California at the prestigious McLaren Newport Beach dealership, six McLaren P1s came together for one epic photoshoot. The examples included in these photos have all been touched by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), meaning that each is worth well over the P1’s $1.15 million MSRP. But, even if each of these cars were priced at the MSRP, that would make this a $6.9 million photoshoot. Add in a few extras from MSO and these pictures are easily worth more than $7 million.


As you may notice, the P1s in the photos have unique finishes, turning this shoot into a showcase of MSO’s abilities in the paint booth. In the top row, from left to right, the finishes are Supernova Silver, Fire Black and Volcano Orange. The bottom row’s finishes are, from left to right, Volcano Yellow, Cerberus Pearl and Flintgrau Metallic. Yes, that is C.J. Wilson’s P1 in the middle.

P1 angle

Check out the images to see how McLaren Newport Beach does photoshoots, and the variety of options from MSO, and be sure to let us know in the comments which one you’d love to take home.

P1 low small

What’s more, two of these P1s are currently for sale at McLaren Newport Beach- the Volcano Yellow and Flintgrau Metallic examples. (See – Two McLaren P1s For Sale at McLaren Newport Beach)


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