F1 Driver Drifting McLaren 650S

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Formula 1 drivers know their way around tracks and cars, especially fast cars and tight courses. Showing us all how it’s done is F1 driver Kevin Magnussen in a video uploaded to YouTube Nov. 7 by BilVideo.

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In the video, Magnussen is driving a gorgeous orange Mclaren 650S at the Racing Festival 2014, a charity event held in Roskilde, Denmark. But to say that he is simply driving the car around the track is an understatement. Throughout the makeshift track’s twists and turns, Magnussen is whipping the 641 hp 650S sideways for some serious drifting action. On the straights, he is slamming the pedal down for incredibly high speeds.

Check out the video above to see how a McLaren F1 driver handles a McLaren 650S.

(Source: BilVideo / YouTube)