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Shocking New Maserati Test Mule Spotted in Modena

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The first test mule for a Maserati’s new powertrain has been spotted in the streets of Modena. When we say “spotted,” we should also mention that these images actually came from Maserati themselves via a press release. No matter who released the images, the substance is still worthy of a gander.

Maserati says this new test mule is powered their new powertrain that is “100% Maserati.” As for the test mule itself, it looks like a massive step away from the Maserati’s we currently see on the street. Granted, this is a test mule and has a lot of components that won’t make it into production. It’s still nice to see Maserati moving forward towards a new era for the company. We will be able to see more of this car in May 2020.