Master Maserati Events

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If you’re interested in learning how to drive your Maserati the proper way, then read on. Maserati sent out an Apr. 14 press release detailing their upcoming Master Maserati events. Whether you want to learn how to conquer the track, or simply discover where in Italy to go site seeing, they have events for you.


For a May 18 event, you can sign up for a full day on the track with the Master GT 1 Day and experience what it’s like to enjoy a Maserati on a closed course at your own discretion. Or, you can wait until June 4-5 and enjoy the Master GT 2 Days, or the Master GT 1 Day on June 20, when you can take Race Taxi laps with Andrea Bertolini, FIA GT1 World Champion. Enjoy the experience for one or two days and learn from the best the entire way along.

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While the other two events revolve around the Maserati experience on the track, the last event, the Master Italian Lifestyle Experience, is wrapped around an intriguing road-going excursion. You receive a bit of track-driving topped with a road trip displaying the Italian culture that shaped the company from the start. You and a guest can enjoy scenic views of historical towns, countryside, mountains and much more.


Such an experience will be limited and doesn’t come along often; you’ll want to quickly sign up at the link below if you hope to grasp the opportunity to experience the Italian cars in their natural environment. Maserati will also be hosting an ability contest where you can enter to win a Maserati Time watch from the Corsa Collection. Enjoy, and we wish you luck.


(Source: Maserati)


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