Maserati MC Trofeo 2013 Clothing Line

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The MaseratiStore is known for their unique luxury items boasting the iconic Maserati logo. To mark the beginning of the 2013 Maserati Trofeo World Series, the MaseratiStore will be carrying a new line of luxury clothing. The aptly named, MC Trofeo 2013 clothing line will have collections for both men and women. The design will mimic that of the clothing worn by racing drivers while also displaying the Maserati Corse branding. You will also find the “99 YRS” logo displayed on this clothing, a tribute to the 99 years of the Modena firm. A few examples of the unique clothing that will be offered as part of this line are the Trofeo13 Men’s sneakers ($221), the Trofeo13 Windproof jacket with detachable sleeves ($208), and the Trofeo13 Men’s cargo trousers ($138). To view the entire MC Trofeo 2013 collection visit

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