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Maserati 100 Ballpoint Pen Collection

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In a newsletter released today, Italian luxury carmaker Maserati announced their latest product commemorating the brand’s centennial anniversary: the Maserati 100 Ballpoint Pen collection.

The collection draws inspiration from Maserati’s renowned history in mechanics: each rollerball pen is hand-tuned and made in Italy from the finest materials, a clear testament to the brand’s uncompromising commitment to precision and detail.

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Even the pen’s coloring options, available in carbon fiber, blue and titanium or ivory and rose gold, are reflective of the Maserati Centennial logo, created to honor the company’s 100 years of history in the auto industry.

Described on their website as a merging of elegance and ergonomics, each pen features Maserati’s iconic Trident logo and comes with a Maserati 100 branded case. For those looking to accessorize their writing instruments further, see the Classiche Pen Holder, a plexiglas pen holder highlighted by five past renditions of the Maserati logo enamelled in metal.

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(Source: Maserati)