2014 Maserati Driving Courses Now Available

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Maserati has opened registration for their 2014 driving courses on their website, The courses take place at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti circuit in Varano de’Melegari in Italy, where registrants will be teamed up with professional drivers who will teach them sporty driving in a safe manner. Below are the available courses, with a description of each.


Master GT 1 Day


The GT 1 Day course gives a full track experience to those who have limited time. For the entirety of one day, trained professional drivers will familiarize registrants with Maserati vehicles and teach them how to hone their on-track skills in a safe manner. At the end of the day, Maserati owners will have the chance to bring their own car onto the track for a dedicated session.

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Master GT 2 Days


The Master GT 2 Day program is similar to the 1 Day program, but is for those who want to spend more time learning safe driving on a track. Specific training for driving on the track is offered, as well as driving in emergency situations. Each participant will have a personalized program created for them based on their needs, level of skill and expectations. Over the course of the two days, in-depth training will be provided to teach participants how to fully control a high-performance vehicle.


Master High Performance


The Master High Performance program is available for those who have already participated in the GT programs. Those who are already familiar with fundamental driving techniques will learn the most advanced concepts in high-speed driving and how to have full control over their vehicle in these situations. This program will provide in-depth analysis of the participant, as well as lessons “based on the perfect combination of various elements: safety, advanced high-speed driving concepts, technically complex and stimulating control exercises, a personalized program and on-going interaction with the team of instructors.”


Master Italian Lifestyle Experience


The Italian Lifestyle Experience is a program designed for couples who share a love for high-performance vehicles and road trips. Over the course of two days, participants will experience lessons in safe track driving and a full Italian lifestyle. Aside from the time spent at the track, the couples also experience lessons in the cities of Florence and Parma. While the driver is on the track, their companion can enjoy a tour of Parma. After a lunch together, the driver can continue their lessons while their companion is taken to Florence for an afternoon of shopping. During the next morning, the couples will be divided into two groups. One group will enjoy the hillsides of the Chianti region and a tour of the Castello Frescobaldi winery while the other will be given a guided tour of Florence and its famous museums. At some point in the afternoon, the two groups switch.

(Source: Maserati)