Semi-Truck Jumps Over Lotus F1 Car

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Take a trip down a highway or interstate and you are bound to see plenty of semi-trucks carrying cargo to some far off destination. This is what these vehicles are made to do: haul. But, this tidbit of common knowledge didn’t stop EMC and Lotus from taking one of these haulers off of a ramp, into the air and over an F1 car.

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In a video uploaded to YouTube Nov. 21 by EMC, the large semi-truck can be seen driving side-by-side with an F1 car from the Lotus F1 Team. As they travel down the course, the truck makes its way to a ramp, which it flies off of without hesitation. The fact that they jumped a semi-truck is insane in its own right, but they took it a step further by having the F1 car veer to the left, darting under the semi-truck as it is in mid-air.

Another fun fact about this video is that the truck set the Guinness World Record for the longest truck jump at 83 feet and 7 inches.

Check out the video above to see it all go down.

(Source: EMC / YouTube)

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