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Revealed: The Lotus Evora Sport 410

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Lotus strikes again. Twice in two weeks, no less. This week, the company debuted the all-new Evora Sport 410. The latest installment of the Evora, the Sport 410, features a noticeably lighter body, shedding a substantial 70kg (approx. 154 pounds) and a slew of standard carbon fiber components. According to a press release, the new sports car shares, “the 410 hp supercharged engine with the track-bred 3-Eleven” and sails from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 186 mph.

Still envisioned for everyday driving, the Evora Sport 410 maintains its “excellent road manners” and refinery fit for the daily driver.

Thanks to the lighter weight and increase in power, the Evora Sport 410 completed a lap in a mere 1 minute and 28 seconds on the Hethel– the company’s test track. The combination of mass reduction and power also lends to better handling and therefore, better driver experience.

Check out the photos of the new Evora Sport 410 below.

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