Lotus Elise 20th Anniversary Special Edition

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Since their retirement from the racing world in 1995, Lotus has been blowing sports car enthusiasts’ minds with the dynamic and capable Elise, a track-ready car capable of taking on most any road.

In recognition of the Elise’s success for two decades straight, Lotus has introduced the Lotus Elise 20th Anniversary Special Edition. This special Elise takes the model’s best qualities, such as lightweight, minimal build and quick performance figures, and improves upon them all without raising the price much higher. As a press release sent from the marque today states, it takes just 4.6 seconds for this Elise to reach 62 mph from a standstill.

Lotus Elise S Club
Lotus Elise S Club

While rocketing forward, it can continue up to a speed of 145 mph all while returning an average of 47.6 mpg – an almost unheard of level of fuel efficiency for any performance car, let alone one designed for track and road. Weighing in at just 2,015 pounds, a full 22 pounds less than the Elise S, the 20th Anniversary edition features weight-saving features not found on the standard model.

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The sports seats, center console and matte black wheels were all forged with the intention of weight reduction, all while keeping luxury in mind; the seats are trimmed in a fine leather or Alcantara, depending on the buyer’s preference. Options available for the exterior color are the four classic Elise colors: Blue, Green, Yellow or Silver.

Be sure to stay with us for more updates about this special edition Elise, which replaces the Elise S Club Racer (pictures above, in blue), are revealed. With a price of just £39,900, or approximately $58,698 USD, we certainly expect to see this model sell quickly.

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(Source: Lotus)

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