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Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Revealed with Suicide Doors

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If you have ever watched “The Entourage” on HBO, the real star of the show is their 1965 Lincoln Continental. The iconic American sedan is celebrating its 80th Birthday with a new Coach Door Edition. Known as “Suicide Doors” colloquially, the automaker chose a name that is older than the brand itself.

Regardless of what you call them, the rear doors are something we thought would never return. Federal side impact laws and safety standards required a complete redesign of the Continental. We’ve learned it is 6″ longer than the conventional model in a press release this morning. Due to the complexity of the doors opening 90-degrees, Lincoln has limited it 80 examples for each model year.

Each one will arrive fully loaded with massaging seats, Revel Ultima infotainment and their Black Label interior. Lincoln’s own special edition of the EcoBoost V6 is de-stroked from 3.5 to 3.0-liter and it offers 400 lb-ft of torque and 400 hp. Tell us what you think of the latest Lincoln in the comments below and click the link to find our dealer near you.