Review: 2013 Lexus RX 350

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Since Lexus first released the RX series, they have become the luxury SUV of choice for many consumers across the globe. Because of the growing popularity of this series, Lexus decided to give them a slight refresh and in the end, they have created a marvelous SUV.

I have been displeased with many of the newer SUVs to hit the market, but I can easily say that the 2013 RX 350 is one of the most attractive out of the bunch. Lexus fitted the brand new RX 350 with the spindle grille that we have fallen in love with on the GS series. It has sharp lines, but they flow ever so fluidly across the car. This vehicle isn’t covered with the unnecessary lines that clutter most cars nowadays, instead it has a minimalist design that has graceful touches, making it incredibly gorgeous. When I look at the RX 350, I think ‘spaceship.”

Inside Lexus’ new SUV, you are created with comfort and functionality. Of course it has the comfort and luxury you expect in every Lexus, but what really got me was how user-friendly this car is. Unusual compartments are placed in odd places that caught me by surprise, but I found myself saying, “why hasn’t anyone ever done this before?” Most notably was the space under the center console where you can story bottled waters, and whatnot. It was a subtle touch, but I loved that Lexus was using the space in the SUV wisely instead of just covering the space in plastic.

The media interface in the 2013 Lexus RX 350 was a bit confusing to use at first, but once I got the hang of it, it proved incredible useful. I’m finding that most of these newer media interfaces in cars are coming with a learning curve, much like a video game or any new electronic device. This irks me just a tad, because there once was a day where changing stations and controlling the AC was simple and never took practice to perfect. But if you choose the Mark Levinson sound system option, I would learn the radio quick, because this may be one of the great sound systems I have ever heard in a vehicle. This option is well worth the price.

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One thing that came across odd to me was the placement of the gear selector. Instead of being down low in the center console area, it was higher up, where AC controls typically are. But, because of this placement, Lexus was able to create that open space I mentioned before. These simple changes might come across odd at first, but they are all done with creating space in mind.

The drive of the RX 350 was decent, and that’s it. It seems as though Lexus was much more worried about the interior and styling rather than the performance of the car. It has a 3.5-liter V-6 that produces an unimpressive 275 hp, a low amount for such a large vehicle. The RX 350 has a smooth and comfortable drive, don’t get me wrong, but its performance is better suited for a family or someone not looking for a thrill.

Lexus has turned the RX 350 into a luxurious vehicle that is perfectly suited for a family, or for someone just looking for an exquisite SUV.   While the performance was lacking, everything else about this car was stellar, especially for bas price of just $40,000.