Lexus Photographer's Perspective

Photographer’s Perspective: Tanner Mashburn’s Red Hot LFA

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One of the major parts of being a professional automotive photographer is having to plan your shoots. The better you want the shoot to turn out, the more you will plan. I have wanted to shoot an LFA for some time now, but no one owned one anywhere near me. It also didn’t seem like that was going to change anytime soon. I reached out to Lexus of Knoxville about shooting their LFA. I received no response for  several weeks until one day I received a return email asking if I could call and talk more about what I had in mind. After back and forth phone conversations and emails that lasted a couple days, everything was set. I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of the LFA online and had some shots in mind that I wanted to try. I traveled to Knoxville and met with the person I had been talking with at the dealership. We discussed possible photo locations that were close so that no unnecessary miles had to be put on the car.

Lexus LFA For Sale

The next day I went early to the dealership and we picked up the car. Obviously with liabilities I did not drive the car but I was able to ride in it for a short period of time while moving from one location to the next. I also followed the car and even with windows up could hear its incredible soundtrack. The last location was at the entrance to a nearby college. The trees at the entrance made for a great background. After the shoot wrapped up I took a second to look around the car and actually have a chance to admire it for what it really was. The LFA is not a car you see very often and that is more than likely due to its higher price compared to the competition. However, people really need to give this car a chance! It may not have the same mind blowing performance as other cars in the same price range but it is a moving piece of art (one of the all time best designs in my opinion) and has a musical orchestra coming out of the exhaust! That makes the LFA worth every penny. This shoot taught me that sometimes shoots take much more planning than others but sometimes the ones that take the longest to plan have the best results.

Photos and article by: Tanner Mashburn