Lexus RC Concept Unveiled

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Lexus has been hard at work. The Japanese company has released concept after concept, leaving us only suspenseful “oo’s and ah’s” every few months. Today, they’ve released photos of their newest perception of the future, the Lexus RC.

The exterior boasts the same futuristic style we saw in the previous LF-NX Concept, only now sportier and with the LF-LC Concept headlights, which create an “L” while on Low Beams. The face of the RC shows the lowest and widest spindle grill ever seen on a Lexus, shaped by deeply molded lines. To match, Lexus also provided the Concept with tail-lights that signify the “L” identity.

Assuming production occurs, buyers will be provided with two options for aggressive aluminum wheels: a five-spoke 18 inch wheel or a 10-spoke 19 inch wheel. Both are deeply sculpted with platinum and black center caps and are precision-machined for perfection. Also new to the exterior design is Lexus’s latest painting process, which adds contrast to the color of the vehicle with multiple layers of clear coating, as well as deeper colors to bring the vehicle to life.


Inside we can see an interior that is clearly sport inspired and driver oriented. In other words, sitting behind the wheel of this car would provide the driver a powerful feel and allow them to easily operate every functional control inside. Upward reflecting illumination and a high contrast interior wood trim accented with deep colors create a lively showroom feel for everyone inside.

The wood inside this elegant cabin has received a layered production technique to emphasize the trim throughout. A remote-touch seven inch navigation display brings control to your fingertips without the need to reach the console, and is the first to be seen in the cabin of a Lexus. The seats are a foam construction that molds to the shape of the driver, much like the seats of a racecar, to provide the best fit with the most comfort.

Lexus Supercar

The concept will be unveiled Nov. 20 at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Lexus has yet to release any performance figures for the striking new concept, but they have announced that it will have two different engine variants. If the vehicle is to see production, consumers will have their choice of either a 3.5-Liter V6 engine in the RC 350 model or 2.5-Liter four-cylinder hybrid engine in the RC 300h model. Whether we have the chance to buy our own or not, we’re glad to see the next step towards the future within the minds of Lexus’ engineers.