Baby Blue Lexus LFA Selling for $1.14 Million

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Sometimes bein’ blue isn’t so bad, especially when you’re a Lexus LFA in China because you would be worth $1.14 million. According to, this is the third LFA they have seen in China, aside from two red ones.

And yes, that is real paint, not a wrap. Surprised? Me too and I love it. To make things even sexier is an interior decked out in black Alcantara. I’m usually never attracted to something black and blue, but this LFA is quite the exception.

How this car’s price rocketed so high is beyond me. While the paint is sexy, its a used LFA that has racked up a few thousand miles. The average price for a used Lexus LFA on is roughly $400,000, making this car $714,000 more than the average I’ve seen. Maybe its interior is lined with $100’s? Who knows. All I know is that this car is gorgeous.