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Range Rover Drives Over Paper Bridge for 45th Anniversary

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Because a convertible version of the best-selling Evoque wasn’t enough this week, Land Rover decided up the ante and tested the limits of its flagship Range Rover SUV by driving it over a bridge – made entirely of paper.

In a press release from the UK-based brand today, Land Rover announced a successful trip over a paper bridge, located in Suzhou, China, ahead of the Guangzhou Motor Show. A project commissioned to celebrate the company’s 45th anniversary, the bridge was hand-build over the course of three days, vacant of any glue or bolts to maintain its structure. The freestanding structure fit right into historical Suzhou’s landscape, which is commonly referred to as the ‘Venice of the East’ best known for its bridges and waterways.

Director Group Engineering Jaguar Land Rover, Nick Rogers, stated in the release: “China is a hugely important market for Range Rover, so we have picked the perfect place to celebrate 45 years of our luxury SUV family.”


But breaking records is nothing new for the Range Rover, which debuted as the first luxury vehicle SUV in 1970. Two years later, the Range Rover became the first ever vehicle to cross the Darien Gap in Central America, and in 1992 was the first to introduce Electronic Traction Control and electronic air suspension to the 4×4 market. The fourth and latest version of the Range Rover was the first all-aluminum SUV at the time of its debut 3 years ago.

Rogers went on to say, “Range Rover’s advanced lightweight body and peerless all-terrain capability were crucial factors in making this unique drive possible.”

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