Land Rover

Land Rover’s Electric Defender

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Land Rover has just released the details on one of their latest ventures. The experimental Electric Defender has shown its face and specs before its Geneva Motor Show debut next month, and to traditional off-roaders’ dismay, its quite impressive.

The Electric Defender that we will see on the Geneva Motor Show floor is based on the diesel-powered long-wheelbase Defender and will be powered by a 330-volt lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor that will have an output of 243 lb-ft of torque and 94 hp. (The added weight of the battery only adds 220 more pounds.) All four wheels will be sent power through a single-speed reduction gearbox, and the wheels also feature a regenerative braking system that works with Land Rover’s Hill Descent Control system.

The range on this electric off-roader is a measly 50 miles, but it can go eight hours without having to be plugged in IF you are participating in low-speed off-road driving. Charges will most likely be done overnight, as it takes 10 hours for a full charge to accomplish.

Land Rover does not intend on putting their EV Defender in the line-up, but they will continue to test their multiple prototypes.