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Hot or Not?: Range Rover Hamann Mystere

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Hamann is no stranger to over-the-top designs, and their package for the 2013 Range Rover illustrates this perfectly. The package is called “Mystere” and turns your once off-road ready SUV, into a tricked out street sweeper.

A body kit is added to the Range Rover, adding 80mm to the width. On the rear wheel arches, an air vent is added, giving the Mystere a more sporty appearance. Other aesthetic exterior mods include a carbon fiber hood, rear spoiler, and roof wing.

To adjust the ride height, Hamann included an electronic lowering module that drops the vehicle 40mm. To finish off the street sweeper look, 23-inch forged rims are slapped on.

Interior wise, Hamann has covered the interior with leather, Alcantara, carbon and various metals.

So what do you guys think about Hamann’s latest venture, hot or not?

Hot or Not?: Range Rover Hamann Mystere

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