One-Off Land Rover Defender for Sir Paul Smith

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As the Defender enters its final year of production, Land Rover has collaborated with designer and Land Rover enthusiast Paul Smith to create a special one-off version of the Defender. And as we can see in a March 20 press release from Land Rover, their Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has been busy

Clad in a patchwork of 27 colors, the Paul Smith Defender carries the visual traditions of England in hues inspired by pastoral countryside and the military shades of early Land Rovers. This exclusive Defender creates an arresting visual effect that will turn heads wherever it goes.

land-rover-defender-paul-smith (5)

“I wanted deep rich colours, but at the same time, I wanted them to work together yet be surprising,” Paul Smith reflected in the press release. The yellows and blue of the side and roof panels are surprising when compared to the burgundy and greys of the side panels.

“My designs are known for their attention to detail, so I didn’t want this Defender to be any different,” he continued. A hand-painted bee graces the roof in a display of light humor rarely seen in a new Land Rover. The interior also features a bespoke Paul Smith timepiece and other custom fascia to remind passengers of the vehicle’s unique character.

land-rover-defender-paul-smith (2)

In the coming year, expect to see Land Rover’s announced Autobiography, Heritage and Adventure special editions of the Defender as production wraps up in the Solihull facility in the UK.

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(Source: Land Rover)

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