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Clarks and Land Rover Team Up for Collab

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Here in the duPont REGISTRY office, we enjoy the finer footwear in life. All I’m saying is I’d be wrong if I said we didn’t spend some of our work time trying to get into release raffles. So, when we see a footwear collaboration pop up in a press release, we perk up. The latest collab comes from Land Rover and Clarks, who are creating a men’s shoe collection for Fall 2018. The launch has created the “Life.Limitless” line of shoes that include three different designs. They include the CLR.51N (“created with the city in mind”), CLR52.N (“most versatile design”) and CLR53.N (“for protection, stability and comfort in rugged environments”). “We made sure the collection adheres to a set of three core design principles: Grip, Environment and Stability,” says Jason Beckley, Chief Brand Officer at Clarks. “Much like the Land Rover vehicles, the shoes are terrain appropriate, providing practicality and comfort in equal measure to the wearer, elements that are core to our DNA.” You can purchase these shoes directly from