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6,000,000th Land Rover Created

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Land Rover completed production of their six millionth vehicle on April 2, and in honor of this unique milestone, the car has been fitted with something special to ensure everyone who sees it knows precisely what it is.

This momentous vehicle is being presented as a one-off at the Shanghai Auto Show, as a  press release issued today by Jaguar Land Rover describes. The event, scheduled for April 22-29 with April 20 and 21 as media days, comes as an opportune moment to display the Yulong White Range Rover LWB Vogue SE, which was fully completed April 2.


Upon its completion, a special logo was created and projected onto the wall in the Solhuil, England, manufacturing plant. But this logo also appears in one other location: the ground next to the front doors anytime someone unlocks this one-off Range Rover. As the release describes, the illuminated graphic is projected through a magnifying lens whenever the car is unlocked. The celebratory puddle lamp graphic appears on the ground for a few moments, at a size of 80 cm in diameter.

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2015 also marks a fitting year for the creation of Land Rover’s 6 millionth vehicle, as it is also the 45th anniversary of the first Range Rover and the 67th anniversary of the brand.

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(Source: Jaguar Land Rover)

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