Lamborghini Most Expensive

Why is this the World’s Most Expensive Production Car?

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The topless Lamborghini Veneno Roadster has been declared the world’s most expensive production car, beating Lamborghini’s original Veneno by a scant $500,000. Now, this isn’t a huge surprise, as convertible versions of most vehicles are almost always more expensive. But what makes the Veneno, and especially the Veneno Roadster, so price-worthy?

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Some may tell you that it’s because it’s the fastest Lamborghini ever made, or that the functional body parts and clever aerodynamics, coupled with top shelf handling, justify the number. Digging into the facts and comparing to other hypercars, you can see that it really boasts the same features as cars less than half its price, except for the name.

However, unlike other hypercars, the Veneno wastes no material. When it’s said that every piece, every corner, every curve on the dynamic supercar is functional, it’s true. Everything, right down to the functional turbine wheels, serves a purpose. Even the front end of the Roadster works as a gigantic wing to create excessive downforce and make the 221 mph top speed very possible with no roof. But then you have the Aventador derived V12 engine.


The argument that having an engine from a car costing 1/9 the price is reason to abandon the checkbook could plausibly arise. Even with the tune-ups and exhaust upgrade, the open top engine doesn’t seem to be worth any more than the Aventador’s. Both create absurd amounts of power and both create menacing notes of exotic music, but only one is held in the 3,278 lbs over-aerodynamic body.

All of these doubts clash together and force the average customer to ask themself, why is this worth $4,500,000? It looks prestigious and genuine enough to cost $4.5 million, but how is it that the car can justify a tag of $1 million more than, say, the Lykan Hypersport? There are no gems in the eyes of this monster, there is no hologram in the center console and they’re both worthy competitors on the track. The answer is behind the name, and only the most affluent of enthusiastic buyers seem to see it.

The Veneno and Veneno Roadster both represent the merged symbols of Lamborghini’s past and future. The company celebrated 50 years of successful triumph with this one exclusive car lineup, while using it to pave the path for the future of the company.


The supercar’s perfect aerodynamics and classic Lamborghini style that can be recognized from a distance craft an entire image and an intangible sense of perfection and success. Lamborghini has been recognized since 1963 as a symbol of fine power and extravagant taste that appeals to the richest owners in the world.

The difference between a hypercar with emeralds and the Veneno lays in history. New manufacturers can wrap up a car with fancy jewels and futuristic gadgets, but they’ll never create a vehicle that makes as bold a historical statement as the Veneno and Veneno Roadster. They can’t compete with the bull’s entry into the automotive market in 1963, and they can’t reproduce the same track record that Lamborghini has seen since its inception. These hypercars go beyond a Bugatti Veyron or Koenigsegg, displaying the character of the owner and their respect for unique innovation from an incredible company.

When the Veneno was released in March at the Geneva Motor Show, it was announced that the only three to be made were already spoken for. These three buyers paid for these cars without ever even seeing a picture of the vehicle. They were promised two things: that it would be the fastest Lamborghini yet, and that it would represent the company’s 50 years of success. The buyers put their faith, and $4 million, in the engineers and status of the iconic manufacturer.


So, much like a classic Ferrari with a record full of racing and celebrities selling for an impressive $52 million, the Veneno and Veneno Roadster tell a story of something much bigger than just racing victories. They represent the start of a manufacturer that began because a man scorned by Enzo Ferrari set out to prove he could build a better car, and wound up creating some of the best engines in the world.

With the purchase of the Veneno Roadster, buyers gain the chance to own a portion of that history and respect; a portion crafted to fit inside their garage. Only nine Roadsters will be produced, meaning only nine people will have the opportunity to represent this very bold statement. That is a chance that can’t have a price attached.