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Lamborghini Urus: All-Roads Competition

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If you thought the new Lamborghini Urus is just a pretty face, think again. Autocar is reporting that the Italian automaker is planning a series of competitions for their new SUV. CEO Stefano Domenicali said: Lamborghini welcomes challenges, but whatever we do will be quite different from other brands. We will choose a form of competition intended only for our class of vehicle. Our car has many faces. You can enjoy its beauty, it is very fast on the track, very fast off road and very fast on gravel. We will choose something that combines all of these things.”

Lamborghini Urus Delivered in California to O’Gara Coach La Jolla

Their corporate cousins at Bentley are planning to send their Bentayga up Pikes Peak with Rhys Millen at the wheel. Lamborghini denies they have plans for a similar run, but they will use it as a benchmark for the Urus. Autocar also predicts that the Urus will double Lamborghini sales in the UK to 700 cars annually. If the Urus has your name on it, click the link below to find a Lamborghini dealer near you.

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