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Lamborghini Marzal in Public for 1st Time Since 1967

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Last weekend in Monaco, vintage Formula 1 cars, and their drivers gathered for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. A Lamborghini owner decided to shock the crowds with a blast from the past. The Marzal was debuted there 50 years ago, and it made a triumphal entry with Prince Albert behind the wheel. In the press release, Lamborghini says the car was only driven in public once before, by his parents Princess Grace & her husband when they paced the field in the 1967 Monaco Grand Prix.

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This stunning concept was Bertone’s idea of the future. Ferruccio Lamborghini asked for their help to build a 4-seater, and it is clear to see how it influenced the Espada. Since it turned 50 years old this year, a 1968 Espada was also part of the festivities. For many years the Marzal remained at Bertone’s headquarters until it was sold for $2 Million in 2011. If you enjoy the clean lines of this concept, we always keep a nice supply of Espadas for sale. Click the link below to find one for yourself and stay with us for all your Lamborghini news.

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