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Overwatch Characters Will Pick You Up In A Lamborghini, Slingshot or F-650

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Are you in Boston, MA this weekend and looking to get a ride to PAX East, one of the world’s biggest gaming events? Well, Blizzard’s Overwatch and Uber have you covered. In a Facebook post by the video game’s official page, they have unveiled a collaboration between them and the ride-sharing service that would have characters from the video game picking you up in some spectacular cars.

First off is Tracer in a Lamborghini Huracan. She’s known as speedy character in the game, so the 602 hp Italian sports car is a perfect fit.

tracer-lamborghini-overwatch (2)
tracer-lamborghini-overwatch (1)

Lamborghini Huracan For Sale

Next up is Soldier:76, who will be taking up to 4 passengers for a ride in a massive Ford F-650 Supertruck. This heavy-duty truck is a perfect counterpart for the character’s heavy pulse rifle.

solder76-f650-overwatch (2)
solder76-f650-overwatch (1)

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Lastly, there’s D.Va and her Polaris Slingshot. Her character used to be a pro-gamer, making her deft and agile, just like the Slingshot’s handling.

dva-slingshot-overwatch (2)
dva-slingshot-overwatch (1)

Slingshots For Sale

If you’re interested, load up your Uber app if you’re at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and request UberWATCH. Best thing is that the cost is free.