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Perfectly Restored Lamborghini Miura SV Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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To celebrate the Miura’s introduction back in 1966, Lamborghini brought a very special car to Amelia Island.

Finished in metallic green Verde Metallizata, this Miura SV was the original one shown at the Geneva Motor Show back in 1971. It say in Bertone’s stand while Lamborghini was showing off the new Countach.

This is a very important car, not only for its place in history as the Geneva show car and the forerunner of future Miura SV models built, but as the first completed project of Lamborghini PoloStorico,” said Enrico Maffeo, Head of PoloStorico, the company that was appointed to perform the restoration.

The restoration was completed by using photos and historic documentation in order to return the car to its original state. The body, paint, interior and engine were all restored using original Lamborghini parts, returning the car to its perfect original state.

Check out the images below to see the beauty that is Miura SV chassis #4846.

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