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McLaren & Lamborghini Supercar Cruise with McLaren & Lamborghini Newport Beach

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There’s something exciting about seeing a supercar in the wild, tearing through city roads.

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There’s something even more exciting about seeing two or three at once, and there’s something mind blowing about seeing two dozen careen around turns on Southern California’s landscape. Luckily, McLaren Newport Beach and Lamborghini Newport Beach like to make that happen.

In a joint event, Lamborghini Newport Beach and McLaren Newport Beach hosted a supercar cruise July 19 for new clients and friends, leading to nearly two dozen Huracans, Aventadors, P1s, 650S’ and more traveling together for a Sunday drive.

lamborghini-newportbeach-072315- (44)

There’s little doubt that more than one head snapped around to do a double take as this party traveled – as you can see in the images below, this bunch was hard to ignore. It’s not the first such cruise either dealership has put on either; on March 16, we shared an article from Daniel Gonzalez about the P1 Sunset Cruise hosted by McLaren Newport Beach, and on March 25, Lamborghini Newport Beach hosted the LNB300 Weekend Rally.

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“The bright mix of Italian and British supercars roamed through the canyons of Orange County with the final destination at Salt Creek Grille,” described captions of galleries from the gathering on both dealerships’ Facebook pages. You can also see a full gallery from the event on the dealerships’ Flickr page.

Check out the photos from the supercar cruise below, and when you’re finished, decide whether you’d prefer a Lamborghini or McLaren, and pick one for yourself from their exclusive inventories at the buttons below. Then, prepare for their next drive.

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(Source: Lamborghini Newport Beach)

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