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Listen to the Lamborghini Urus Super SUV

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Splicing DNA is one of the dark arts that common sense tells us to avoid. When it comes to automotive evolution, Lamborghini has announced the perfect cross between a supercar and an SUV. It might seem like a tall order to fill, but everyone seems to forget the predecessor of the upcoming Urus for sale.

The Lamborghini LM002 was the “Rambo Lambo”, and it was built at the request of the Italian Army. Three decades ago, it was easy to build an SUV around the Countach’s V12 to make a bold statement. But the modern marketplace is flooded with luxury utilities fighting for your dollars. So Lamborghini has taken a cautious approach on the Urus. In a video uploaded to their YouTube page, Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani explains their motivations.

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The DNA of the Urus is pulled from Lamborghinis both old and new. Even in heavy camouflage, styling cues from the other raging bulls can be seen. To keep it ahead of the competition, a new 4.0 liter V8 was commissioned. Twin turbos allow it to reach 650 horsepower, and it will undoubtedly be sent to all wheels. The exhaust note is as exotic as you would expect, so turn up your audio for a quick preview. Expect to find all the Urus updates here on Autofluence, so click the link below to find the Lambo that is right for you.

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