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LIberty Walk Ferrari 458 & Lamborghini Aventador Spit Flames Together

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Italian cars are known for transforming fuel into acceleration, but they are also capable of fireworks from the exhaust. Remember the Liberty Walk 458? When its not whipping up a batch of donuts, their custom exhaust is great for using their aftermarket exhausts to scare spectators. But it caught the attention of a rival at the beginning of this year’s Gold Rush Rally.

In a parking structure in downtown Boston, these two lined up for a high revving showdown. To save the engines from going beyond their red line, the computer disables the spark plugs to momentarily shut down the combustion. With the ignition off, extra fuel is sent in to cool the valves and cylinders. The raw gas is suspended in the exhaust until it reaches fresh air at the tailpipes, and the reaction is an  instant explosion. This is very hard on every part of the engine, so unless you have aftermarket bearings and valve springs, you probably shouldn’t try this at home.

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