Aventador Lamborghini

The Last Days of The Lamborghini “Bapeventador”

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This is the famous Lamborghini Aventador wrapped in Bape Camo, aka the “Bapeventador,” and these photos by Marcel Lech for RSsportscars.com capture the car donning the wrap for the last time. In fact, the Bape Camo was removed moments after this photoshoot was finished.

It wasn’t just the camo wrap that made this car special; there were also a few other modifications. These included a Liberty walk LB Performance kit, blue Forgiato Wheels and an Innotech Performance Exhaust. The combined cost of all the modifications rested at around $80,000, and the project was executed in Vancouver, Canada. The Bapeventador was also one of three Aventadors to have a roof trunk (not pictured).

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