Lamborghini Sues Replica Company

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For some people, a kit car is a close as they’ll ever get to owning an exotic. Kit car companies are seemingly around to help these buyers achieve their dreams. To most people a kit car exhibits clear differences from its exotic examples, however one Alabama kit car company may have produced a kit car that’s a little too close to the real thing. CARKITINC is being taken to court by Lamborghini who claims that their kit cars are “blatant rip-offs” of their Gallardo and Murcielago supercars. The car that has stirred up the most controversy is the “Mercy 4” which uses a Pontiac Firebird as its base. For less than $4 grand this Pontiac can be transformed into an exotic supercar. Jackie Johnson, owner of CARKITINC says that his car kits and really, “Just for fun” and he also claims that, “No car can possibly be worth half a million dollars”.

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Prior to filing legal proceedings, Lamborghini requested that CARKITINC destroy all their molds and that a video confirming the destruction be sent to Lamborghini headquarters. Clearly Johnson did not abide by this request. Anyone can purchase kits from CARKITINC, however they can only be fitted to certain donor cars such as a Porsche Boxster, Dodge Neon, Toyota MR2 or a Pontiac Fiero. In the words of Jackie Johnson, “Evidently they must think our cars look pretty good.” Instead of being worried about the future of his company, Johnson seems to be taking comfort in the fact that his replicas have come so close to the real thing, that Lamborghini themselves want to shut him down.

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If you’re looking to purchase one of these kits you’ll probably want to put an order in soon, as the future of this company is largely unclear. While it may be a compliment to Johnson’s craftsmanship it isn’t hard to see why Lamborghini would be slightly perturbed. Their cars are something that many strive to attain, a dream car of sorts, being able to have a pretty darn good look alike for $4 grand should be too good to be true.