Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno Delivered to U.S.

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A private buyer in Florida has received one of the only three Lamborghini Venenos for sale worldwide on Jan. 20, completing a transaction that began in March, 2013.

The car was delivered to Miami at 7:00 p.m.. As darkness fell and the lights of colorful South Beach blended with the bright halogen lights and vivid colors of the commemorative Italian uber-car, the masterpiece was unloaded off of a flatbed, and keys were presented to the buyer.

The vehicle is believed to be history’s highest priced, retail, new car sale, at a tag of $4,106,000 for Veneno #2. The vehicle was sold to the buyer by St. Louis Motorcars/Lamborghini St. Louis, which is owned by Graham Hill and J.J. Mills. Hill was on hand to present the Veneno to a euphoric buyer.

The vehicle was shipped from the factory to, and prepped at, Prestige Imports/ Lamborghini Miami. Owner Brett David graciously welcomed the opportunity to help facilitate such a significant transaction.

After taking official delivery of the $4 million dollar car, the buyer and Hill promptly drove the supercar to a South Beach restaurant for dinner and proudly parked his new prized possession right in front, for all of South Beach to see and enjoy.


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