Report: Lamborghini V12s and V10s Going Hybrid

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One company that has shied away from turbocharged and hybrid in the past, but things are starting to change. For starters, the Urus is powered by a bi-turbo engine and they’ve’ released the hybrid Asterion and electric Terzo Millennio concepts. So, can see that Lamborghini is keen to turbo power, but electrifying their powertrains remains a concept. But it seems like that’s all about to change, as Auto Express learned about Lamborghini’s electric future from CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Domenicali told Auto Express that the Aventador and Huracan replacements will both be powered by hybrid systems. One thing that he did note is that the Aventador replacement will have a V12 engine and the Huracan replacement will have a V10 engine. Also, he noted that the Urus will be hybrid-powered as well.

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4

These three models are mainstays in Lamborghini’s lineup, but Domenicali did say that they are considering when would be the right time to add a fourth model to their portfolio. If you’re familiar, Lamborghini did say about a year ago that a fourth model would be inspired by heritage models and that it would be here around 2023.

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